Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke
A relationship and sex advice show for humans and monsters alike!
2 years ago

Trailer - Questions

Announcing Supernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke! A New Fiction Podcast, where Dr. Olivia Seabrooke answers questions about sex and relationships, in a world where monsters and mythical creatures exist!

Episode 1 will launch October 17, 2019! To find out more about the show, you can visit our website,

Dr. Olivia Seabrooke is voiced by Mama Boho.

A special thanks to our callers (in order):

Josh Donnellan of Six Cold Feet
Jessica Hamilton of Slaughterhouse Road
Juabe Inciong of MeLoreDrama
Chris Magilton of Among the Stars and Bones
Tahlia Celenn of Love and Luck
Denice De Guzman of MeLoreDrama
Roslyn Quin of Love and Luck
Elena Fernández Collins of Audio Dramatic and Valence

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