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a year ago

Episode 4: Not Your Fantasy

Dr Seabrooke receives a prank call that’s more than it seems, discusses changing for your partners, and talks to a deaf minotaur thanks to the Relay Service.

Created by Lee Davis-Thalbourne
Produced by Passer Vulpes Productions

Doctor Olivia Seabrooke voiced by Mama Boho
Kevin voiced by Michael Grisso, with the call written by Andrea Klassen.
Melody voiced by Leslie Gideon, with the call written by Rae White.
Alex, Relay Officer speaking for Antony, was voiced by Kess Nelson, with the call written by Erin Kyan.
The Voice of the AusEtherial Network is Lee Davis-Thalbourne.

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Our Cover Art is by Erin Kyan

Transcript of this episode:
Captioned video of this episode:

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